Private Lessons

C.A.T.S. offers private lessons for our current members as well as non-members. Private lessons can be for anyone whose skill level ranges from beginner to advanced. Private instruction can enhance skill learning. Doing lessons in a one-on-one learning environment speeds up the learning process, helps those who need individual attention and helps overcome “mental blocks” or other challenges.

Private lessons start at a minimum charge of $25 per hour. This price is subject to change. The price range can vary from coach to coach generally depending on their experience.

We offer lessons to the following:

• Preschool Gymnasts

• Recreational Gymnasts

• Cheerleaders       

o Tumbling

• Competitive Team Gymnasts

• Athletes who need Stretching/Conditioning/ Balance 

o Football       o Baseball       o Soccer       o Tennis

Lesson Structure:

The following is our private lesson structure.

Privates are paid per child. 

Private Lessons – Ratio 1:1

Semi-Private Lessons – Ratio 2:1

Small Group- Ratio 3 or more:1

  • To schedule a private lesson please contact the front desk.  760-446-0332 or send us an email at