Gymnastics Program overview


Getting Started

At C.A.T.S. we believe that gymnastics is not only the root of all sports, it provides a vehicle with which we can teach skills that will last a lifetime and assist in the development of every child in our program. Gymnastics when properly taught, can be the catalyst for a productive life, while at the same time instilling lifetime knowledge of the benefits of physical fitness. Jumping, rolling, running, strength, and flexibility are the basic aspects of many sports. No better foundation can be laid than one built on the basic activities of gymnastics. Determination, work ethic, time management, teamwork, team spirit, sportsmanship, and respect for self and others are all skills that will surely assist our students throughout the rest of their lives. We measure our success not by the trophies on the wall, but rather, what each child takes with them when they leave the sport of gymnastics 

C.A.T.S. offers an array of gymnastics classes designed to enhance the athlete’s self-esteem, and physical and mental abilities. Beginning with the recreational programs where toddlers through high schoolers can build a solid foundation for success. Our professionally trained staff has developed a curriculum that is designed to develop each athlete’s gross motor skills, balance and coordination in a fun, non-competitive environment which simultaneously enhances cognitive, emotional, and social development.  

C.A.T.S. curriculum is tailored to the needs of the individual athlete. C.A.T.S. offers classes for preschoolers, Recreational classes for ages 6+, Tumbling classes from Beginners to Advanced, Teen classes, Open gyms and much more.


The athletes whose physical abilities and progression has grown beyond the Recreational Program are invited to tryout to participate in the Pre-Team/Competitive Program. To learn more about our Pre-Team/Competitve Team program please visit the team page.  

Team Page

Class Pricing

Rereational Class prices are based off of 10 week sessions and the gym has 5 sessions per year. Center for Athletic Training Success is closed two weeks out of the year and this time off is also included in the class prices. 

Pre-Team/Competitive Team are based on monthly prices instead of 10 week sessions.

Open gyms, Parent’s Night Out and Brunch Bunch are drop in style classes and are paid when participating.

The membership fee is a once a year charge of $40.00. This membership fee allows you to pay a lower price at events such as Open Gyms, Parent’s Night Out, camps and Brunch Bunch. Active/retired military families and DOD employees have their membership fee waived for first year, must show ID upon registration.

Each class must have a minimum of 4 participants enrolled in order for the class to be open. Click below to see our pricing schedule break down.

Pricing Schedule


Parent and Tot


45 minutes 1x a week. These classes are for 18 months to 3 years old both boys and girls. In this class mom/dad bring the student to class and help the coach administer the lesson plan. As this is the first class for many tots, we will introduce the basic gymnastics skills in a fun and enriching environment.



Our Gymnasticats program is for boys and girls ages 3 - 5 years old and runs for 45 minutes. These classes are designed to develop students' flexibility, agility, strength, body awareness, and development of coordination through the use of basic gymnastics, games, and much more. 



C.A.T.S. Girls Gymnastics program for girls age 6 years and older. Classes run in 10 weeks sessions. They are designed to challenge students while promoting confidence and self-esteem. Gymnastics develops girls' flexibility, strength, agility and overall fitness. Research shows that children who participate in gymnastics at a young age are more proficient at other sports.

Tumbling Class


Tumbling classes are separated according to skill (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced). They will learn skills from cartwheels to advanced level tumbling such as layouts, twists series, etc... 

Click for Full descriptions of the classes and requirements

Open Gym


See our schedule for specific open gym times and formats. Gymnasticats open gym is available to all children walking through 6years old. Brunch Bunch for walking through 6 years old. This is a open type play class where little ones are dropped off and mom/dad can grab a bite to eat with friends, run errands or just get a little ME time. Open Gym Open gym is open to the public. The C.A.T.S. open gyms, more appropriately referred to as OPEN INSTRUCTION, will always be strongly supervised