About Us

Our Mission


C.A.T.S. gymnastics seeks to provide a fun, safe, and high-quality gymnastics program to all ages and levels in Ridgecrest, Ca. It is our duty to give your child- no matter their capability- positive and helpful instruction in the sport of gymnastics. We strive to help all participants reach their full potential mentally and physically. We uphold a fun and creative environment in which your child will know how valued they are as a part of our program.

We believe that physical fitness is a vital part of every student’s life that should be encouraged and nurtured. This should be part of a student’s everyday life and involve their family and community. By working closely with every student and their family, we will instill life-long values which support a healthy and positive lifestyle and love of gymnastics.

We hope that after your child moves on from their gymnastics career at C.A.T.S., they are able to take away the lifelong benefits that our program provided. 

At C.A.T.S we maintain a set of core values that we expect our athletes, parents and families to reflect and exemplify.

Core Values  

  • Respect- respect each individual unconditionally.
  • Trust- Trust others and exemplify integrity.  
  • Teamwork- To work together as a unit, solving problems through collaboration. 
  • Growth- To pursue growth through constant individual improvement, and to encourage and empower others for the sake of the team.
  • Build- strong relationships through open, honest and up-front communication.  
  • Rise- continually strive to exceed the standards. 
  • Facilitate- to support personal growth through the utilization of individual talents and gifts.